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SHX-III/S is the latest and compact model of the SHX series, a single wafer high current ion implanter designed under innovative concept, covering for Ultra Shallow Junction processes applicable to coming 20nm node generations.
SHX is the first single wafer high current ion implanter combined with electrostatic and mechanical scanning of spot beam, realizing the outstanding high quality in ultra low energy implantation.
"MIND" system, one of the most superior features equipped to SHX-III/S in SHX series, can deliver the highest yield resulting from compensation of non-uniformity generated from other processes.

  • For 300mm wafers
  • Application to coming process of 20nm node
  • Energy range covering 0.2 keV up to 60 keV
  • Highest beam current at 200eV under no energy contamination equivalent to drift mode in high volume manufacturing
  • Highest productivity covering both middle and low doze implantation equipped with the highest speed End Station
  • Compact design minimizing its footprint
  • Superior quality both beam sizes and beam divergent angles
  • Best beam parallelism and repeatability
  • Highest quality of energy purity equivalent to drift mode at ultra low energy due to an unique energy filter after deceleration
  • Minimizing both metal contamination and cross contamination
  • Effective plasma shower system for wafer charging control
  • Highest reliability and maintainability
  • "MIND" system, a superior compensation function, for intentional non-uniformity implantation to compensate dose non-uniformity generated from other processes, resulting in both highest productivity and significant yield improvement

  • Mapping of Intentional Non-uniform Dose

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