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LEX3-II is the most advaced high-performace high current ion implanter for 300mm wafers ready for future processes beyond 65nm, featuring high productivity in ultra-low energy uses of down to 0.2 keV and minimal energy contamination. Its drift mode beam current has been drastically improved in low energy region compared with LEX3.

  • Implantation energy between 0.2 keV and 70 keV
  • Substantially improved current value, compared to LEX3, in the low energy region
    • Improvement in beam optics
    • Improvement in space charge neutralization capability
    • Drastic increase of drift mode beam current in low energy region
  • Installation of a deceleration mechanism that enhances productivity by ensuring the B beam at an ultra-low energy level of down to 0.2 keV
  • Small footprint
  • High accuracy of implantation
  • Low metal contamination and minimized cross-contamination by the installation of the VSD (Virtual Slit Disk), the TSDF (Triple Surface Disk Faraday), etc.
  • Minimization of charge buildup by the installation of a plasma shower system
  • High reliability and high maintainability

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